One Punch Man -- Oppai Anime Decal Sticker

One Punch Man -- Oppai Anime Decal Sticker

One Punch Man -- Oppai Anime Decal Sticker

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Shipping -

All vinyl stickers are shipped with tracking, and are professionally packaged in bubble mailers to prevent damage.

Details -

All stickers are water proof, and are made from commercial grade vinyl that will last 5-7 years outside, and 10 years indoors.

Vinyl stickers are a SINGLE color with no background color. The real background color will be the color of the surface you apply it to. Any background color in the listed pictures (such as white, or black) are used just to show the design clearly. An example would be a white sticker with a black background (In that example the sticker is white only--background is black just for show--as white on white would make the sticker not visible). 

Some stickers with very fine details might have extremely small variations, but will for the most part look identical.

Application -

All vinyl stickers come in three pieces: backing paper, the sticker itself, and transfer tape. Application is very simple. Start by cleaning the surface of the application area. Remove the backing paper, and then position the sticker where you would like it (keep in mind to align the sticker itself, and not the transfer tape--as the tape will be removed later). Next, get a firm thin item like a credit card and slide it firmly across the top of the sticker (transfer tape) to make sure the sticker will stick; it helps to slide from multiple angles with pressure to help the vinyl stick. Finally, you can slowly remove the transfer tape, leaving only the sticker behind. Note: Remove transfer tape slowly, and if parts of the sticker come up with the transfer tape, put the tape back down and apply force to the area like you did in the previous step (sometimes vinyl can be stubborn if its very small).

Return / Damage -

We gladly accept returns :D.
In rare cases stickers can be damaged during shipment, despite all the safety measures we take. If your bubble mailer is folded or damaged please message me before you file a claim or leave negative feedback (simply include a picture). I care about my customers and will do my absolute best to make everything right!

Questions -

Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have!
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