Frequently Asked Questions

  • Die-cut Decals (also know as kiss-cut) stickers are composed of 3 main parts: A transfer film, the sticker material itself, and a waxy backing paper. Kiss-cut decals are made by cutting a pattern into a single colored material (vinyl), and then removing all the parts that do not belong (leaving empty spaces where there is no sticker material). This style of sticker has no background, is composed of multiple pieces (held in place by the transfer film until applied), and is usually single colored.

  • Printed Decals are stickers are made by printing onto a material (usually vinly) with special industrial printers. These stickers are usually one piece, have a background, and are cut into the shape of the design. Most printed decals also come with lamination to help protect the ink from UV rays, scratches, and chemicals. 

The very first thing you want to do before applying any style of decal, is clean the surface you are applying it too, and make sure it is fully dry before application.

  • Die-Cut Application - We highly recommend watching the video below by greatees on youtube for instructions on applying Die-Cut decals.

    Note: You need to have patience while applying really detailed stickers like ours though, so take your time. If you see fine details not sticking/lifting with the transfer, put the transfer back down (in a similar way he applied the decal), Squeegee it/run a card across it from multiple angles again, and try from a lifting the transfer different angle. 

  • Printed Decal Application - Applying our printed decals is far easier since they are one piece. Simply peel the sticker off the backing, hold it above your desired surface, make sure its aligned how you want it, and apply it. We recommend applying it similarly to the die-cut decals, where you apply one end, keep the other end up, and slowly slide your hand/credit card from the applied end to the other end. 

    • Die-Cut Lifetime - It varies. We use high quality Vinyl that is rated for 5 year outdoor use. The biggest factor is the design, and how many fine details it has though. If the sticker has a bunch of fine details, and its on something that will have a lot of rubbing, then you may loose those fine details earlier. If applied to a surface that isn't disturbed a lot, like a rear window of a car, then it should have a long life span.

    • Printed Decal Lifetime - Its hard to put an exact lifespan on the printed decals as well, as conditions/climates for every customer will be different. The Vinyl and Ink are rated for 5 year outdoor use. We laminate our printed decals to add some extra protection from the sun/scratches/chemicals/etc to ensure that the prints last as long as possible.

    Honestly, It boils down to preference, in most cases. Most users order based off designs, rather than what type of sticker it is. If you do need help deciding though, just ask yourself these questions: Do you want a sticker with a background or not? Do you want a full color sticker? Is the surface rubbed frequently?

    We recommend that you read out section: "What's the difference between "Die-Cut" and "Printed" Decals?". After you understand their differences, choosing will be easier. 

    The main surfaces that we recommend are Glass, plastic, metal, wood. You can apply a Vinyl decal to almost anything flat though, as long as its a clean surface. If you have questions about applying vinyl decals to unique surfaces, feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to answer your questions/find solutions.

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