Website updates

We update our website to help modernize it a little. It will be going live in a day or two. A few of the changes include the follow:

  • Design changes. The most obvious change is the aesthetic. We think the new design has better flow, coloring, and more artist elements. The new design is also less cluttered due to us dropping our sidebar (on desktop), which is now included on our home page/navigation menu.

  • Newest Releases. We added a feature to display our newest released products on the home page. We actually had this "feature" in our sidebar of our old website design, but it used to have to be manually updated. The new system is automated, so it'll be 100% accurate, and there's no possibility that we will forget to update anything now. 

  • Product list changes. We modified ALL our product listings to help standardize their titles, and make them more visually appealing. While we were doing this, we also added product types, which will allow us to separate all our product types, which will open up the opportunity to release/categorize non-sticker related merchandise easily.

  • New search. We added a new search system to help you find what you are looking for, even with minor typos. This new search also shows you relevant products while you are typing, so you can click those displayed products directly, and save some precious time.