We now offer screen printed Apparel!

KyokoVinyl will be offering in-house screen printed merch in the future. We decided to pull the trigger on an M&R Chameleon 8-color 8-station screen printing rig. We should (in theory) be able to handle about 500 units a day on this manual press, so we don't see production being an issue.

Setup does take a lot of time, and uses a lot of our screens (1 designs can in theory use 8 screens), so we likely will not be able to do a "made to order" business model here. We will either have to mass produce a lot of shirts before we drop our designs, and hope we sell them all, OR (less conveniently) do a preorder business model. Either way, designs will likely be limited, and might be on rotation.

We are leaning more towards the second. We're a small business, so we do not want to tie a bunch of money into garments, and have designs sitting on our shelf. If we see a lot of demand for our designs, we may change this in the future.