More colored decals and matching sets coming!

More Colored Decals!

I've been looking through our current decals, and have noticed that we've been favoring dark decals a little too much. We're going to start adding some more color in with our decals! We recently did this 3 color decal (natsu, from fairy tail) and our fans seemed to really enjoy it:

We're going to start adding more colors from now on! I think at least having the option to have multi-colored decals will dramatically improve that decals. Im also going to try really hard to make sure there are more white decals for car windows / dark surfaces.

Decal Sets

I really want to improve how decals in our categories look together. The goal would be to have sets or pairs of decals for a category. It's kind of hard to explain, but take a look at Goku and Vegeta:


These two decals look like they belong together. I would love to have more decal sets like this. An example would be fairy tail. I could create lucy, grey, and erza decals all centered around natsu's design/size. It would make them all fit nicely together. I don't plan on making 100% of the decals in each category match, but I think having a few matching sets would be really cool. 

We'll see how it all goes :)! The next set is going to be hunterxhunter (gon and killua). Let me know on social media what you guys think when i post them.